About Us


Birthed in the fashion nation of France, Livelt’s unparalleled craftsmanship is the result of its savoir-faire, beautifully treated exotic leathers that combined perfectly with Italian workmanship to ensure impeccable quality in every single detail. As a budding brand in the high-end market, Livelt is confident in that through its originality in design and outstanding quality of its creation, it will be the new star player in the market. Meaning ‘Lively’, the brand guarantees its customers to have the same feeling when carrying a Livelt product.

Designed by a renowned businesswoman, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo that noted for her timeless beauty and creative spirit, LIVELT intends to bring exceptional value to the fashion industry, combining style and function with a timeless investment in fine exotic leather and an 18 carat gold and diamond buckle. As an avid fashion and art enthusiast, Liliana often spends her spare time enriching her knowledge in fashion and interior design, or creating masterpieces through her latest luxury brand.

Strong and elegant, simple yet intricate – these are the qualities that make a woman feel elegantly pretty in all her spheres of influence, be it within the home or in the workplace, a woman nurtures and inspires those around her. Inspired by all women who dare to be different and appreciates the beauty of fine craftsmanship, Livelt represents a perfect balance between strong and elegant, simple yet intricate – Livelt is made for something different.

Liliana Tanoesoedibjo